My Success Story

My name is Yahya Muhammad and I would like to share my success story with you. I read about a man from Cuba that sold fish out of the trunk of his car.

He became a millionaire and that inspired me to start selling fish. I put up tents, tables and chairs as well as a gas generator. I sold my fish on the side of the road surrounded by woods and trees. I started frying fish and the smell and aroma in the air brought cars lining up to buy hot fish.


My first day was a great experience. Business was increasing so I called for help and along came a lady named Ms. Ann. I showed her the operation and she fell right in place. We became a team working on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays selling sandwiches and dinners on the side of the road.

 As time went on the lines got longer. Ms. Ann and I would talk every day and she would say, "Yahya you are going to get a restaurant." I would respond, " Yes I am." She would always tell me to keep on working hard and that's exactly what I did. I met Olonda, my current wife and we were blessed to get a food truck. I knew that was the next step in moving forward. The menu increased…I added her homemade potato salad and sweet potato pie. The lines kept getting longer as word about Yahya's fish sandwiches and dinners began to spread. Business increased every weekend and our customers kept asking that we make our food available during the week. I continued to work hard and kept believing that the restaurant was soon to come. Today, I am humbled to stand in my restaurant, reflecting on how many of you supported me from the beginning…thank you. As I reflect back on where I started, I know that this was the work of God and that I’m truly blessed! Being an owner of restaurant has been my vision for a long time; however, I have had an even greater vision for a longer time. That vision is to open up a school to educate our children. With the support of our loyal customers and God’s continued blessings….that vision will also come to fruition.